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Von Industrial is a family business in southern Arizona.  We specialize in one-off and low volume "artware" for machinery restorers, car/boat rebuilders, and OEMs making new equipment.  We love old machines and old methods, and we use them whenever possible.  When traditional processes designed for mass manufacturing aren't a good fit, we're not afraid to introduce modern CAD/CAM/CNC tools and digital manufacturing techniques like 3D printing and lasers.

Much of the work we do requires artwork as a precursor to physical fab.  We create our own vector-based etching mask art for most of the projects we take on, and we do our very best to honor the original industrial artist who created it.  If you're skilled with vector graphics, we can work from your art to let you participate in the process and also to save cost.

For customers interested in high volume orders, we don't do commercial etching ourselves.  However, we have a great track record preparing your artwork for commercial etching.  We can stay in the loop between you and the etching house for a nominal surcharge to get your order through the wickets, or you can take the artwork we provide and contract directly.

We're here to partner with you and make your restoration or branded hardware something to be proud of.

Thanks for visiting, and please see the Contact page to reach us with questions or quote requests.

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